About Abscure

If you go to an indie gaming forum, you're bound to see an ambitious young indie developer who claims to be part of a “company”, referring to an entity that most certainly is not a corporation.
The Abscure team is on the younger side of the spectrum- so you might be thinking that we fall into this same category. In reality, the only way anyone could take a game team seriously is by its content.
The only that way we can make you believe that we are more than a 21st century version of a lemonade stand is by making great games. And if you look around, you're bound to find something that you like.
The oldest games on the site are made in Game Maker. Game Maker is a versatile and powerful tool that creates executable files (so can only be played on Windows). Arguably our best and longest game is Ruined, made for a Game Maker competition.
In the fall of 2010, Ethan found a new Flash IDE called Stencyl. This tool is great for anyone with a good idea for a game. This has allowed Abscure to put out more games.
What's next for Abscure? Check out our blog, bookmark the site, or follow us on Twitter. There are lots of ways to find out the latest on Abscure.


(aka. Ethan)

Ethan is a graphic designer and level editor. Using the Flash IDE Stencyl, he's created many experimental browser games. He started the Abscure team, and made a majority of the products you'll see in the game shop.
Ethan started off trying to make 3D games- after a few years of struggling to get even a few terrains and buildings done, he decided to make the switch to 2D games. His favorite genre is the platformer, which he loves because of its wide variety of characters and levels. Many of his designs are influenced by his favorite games.


(aka. Christian)

Christian is the main programmer for Abscure. Armed with Game Maker and a few other programming languages he works with Ethan to make some great games, and other parts of Abscure, such as this website.
Christian joined Abscure as a baby in the world of programming and game design. After making his first game for Abscure in two days, "Battlespawn", he has built on Abscure and created a great team with Ethan. He uses other games for inspiration, as well as thought provoking music.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact Abscure for any reason, email abscure@abscure.net and we will take care of it as soon as possible.