January 1st, 2011

Roll with the flow.

In Propel you must get from point A to point B, while avoiding point C and trying to get to point D. This could be a problem when you are a ball and your method of transport is brightly coloured arrows.

A complete remake of our old game, "The Fall Game", Propel is a deliciously colourful game where you bounce off walls while trying not to fall off and get hit by dangerous things. The twist? There are gravity changing arrows!

25 increasingly difficult levels are included, each with their own collectable. Nifty unlockables such as a level editor and arcade mode are available, and a very super secret unlockable.

It's lots of fun and definitely worth giving it a play!
Propel from Abscure Games is a patience-testing, ball rolling puzzle/platformer.
DIY Gamer
This should be featured.
YoYo Games comment
YoYo Games comment
Very nicely done. I think I see a new featured game!
YoYo Games comment
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