March 16th, 2010

All hope is lost.

Ruined is a 2D exploration platformer that sucks you into a world of nothing. Although that may be what it looks like on the surface.

Alec has crash landed in a vast desert, and for years he tries to rebuild the shattered remains of the his ship with scrap metal from the desert. When he finally starts it up, it lacks the power to leave the ground.

As a last resort, Alec tries to create a power core with pieces scattered to all ends of the desert, and as he finds his way through the desert, he finds some secrets that should have remained unseen...

A tiny li'l exploration game with obvious design inspiration taken from Knytt Stories
Jay is Games
Really awesome work!
YoYo Games comment
It's really good!
YoYo Games comment
Awesome exploration game! Very polished and fun to play.
YoYo Games comment
This is cool, I liked the adventure/Metroidvania game style. I had fun exploring and getting new abilities.
YoYo Games comment
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